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i do things a very specific way, according to the rules of the Dæmon Forums, because that's where i hang out and i have the most fun doing it that way, which means i'm not going to be loosey goosey about it, i'm gonna look at the animal behaviors and translate them into people behaviors and not involve mythology and stuff like that.

so if u don't wanna be that strict, i am not your person, but i am willing to help be a sounding board anyway and i can suggest off-the-wall animals that most people won't think of.

but if you're still on board, fill out the following and leave it here on this post for me or send it to me in a PP or reply to my one plurk:

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Found here over at my musebox.
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Credit to me isn't necessary, but very appreciated. I'm more concerned that you credit the artists of the fanart.

Art credit is in the name of the icon, in the form of "pixiv-id-####," "pix####," "DevArt-[artist name]," etc. If instead, there's only "untitled-1," etc, then I don't know who the artist is.

If you know the artist of an icon or if any of these icons need to be taken down, please tell me here and I will fix the problem as soon as I am able.

i listened in, yes, i'm guilty of this, you should know this )
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